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I have been asked many times by various clients, students, and the IT curious about PowerBuilder: When did Sybase develop the product and how did it evolve? I keep telling this story and answering e-mails on the subject. I am now to the point where I have decided that I should have PBDJ formally publish this story for posterity. This story is solely from my own personal perspective and I'm sure that I may have a somewhat distorted view of time and space (which keeps getting worse at my age). But anyway, here is a perspective of how life (as a DataWindow) began. Episode I - The Phantom Product In a galaxy, far, far away... before Sybase... PowerBuilder was developed as a prototype by Cullinet Database Systems of Boston. Cullinet was the developer of the IDMS DBMS and ADS-Online (Application Development System). IDMS was originally developed by BF Goodrich, the tire co... (more)

PB Event Order

PowerBuilder - Events and Precedence      The order in which events happen within a PowerBuilder Classic application is in most cases, a very predictable model. The PB developer should be aware of this aspect when developing GUI based applications. For instance, when focus is shifted from one object to another object, the first object will experience the Modified and LoseFocus events before the second object experiences a get focus event. To understand this further, consider the following scenarios and the resulting events.   An Application starts and window "A" is opened APPLICATI... (more)

PowerBuilder Feature Story: "Context-Sensitive Help"

The Las Vegas heat must have gotten to me as I started a new PocketBuilder application and wanted to encompass some of the "context sensitive" help features that I have previously used in a PowerBuilder application. I knew that this was not going to be easy, as the Pocket PC operating system does not support the (Multiple Document Interface) behavior. As a result, neither the Micro-Help bar nor pop-up help (also known as "bubble help") are available as they would be in a standard PowerBuilder application. PowerBuilder developers also use a nice feature named "PowerTipText" that ... (more)

Chris Pollach's PowerBuilder Blog: "Have You Hugged Your DW Today?"

Have You Hugged Your DW Today? « H » Ottawa Sybase User Group ::PowerBuilder ::PocketBuilder :: email link All; OK, if you are a PowerBuilder developer, then this would not be a surprise ! Check out the winner in this .NET category #8 and #9 (click here)! Regards ... Chris PS: Remember to say thanks to Kim Sheffield ! posted Monday, 27 February 2006 Canadien - eh! ... (more)

Sybase TechWave News: Super Large PowerBuilder EAServer ASE Web Site

This online web application is huge and belongs to the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)! It has been running for the past 5 years and as of late, has had major upgrades and features added. This latest release has been built using Sybase's application server (EAServer) release 5.2 and its premier development tool PowerBuilder release 10.2.1. It is also backed up with Sybase's database engine ASE version 12.0!  Race Car DANKA in front of the PBDJ - PowerBuilder Developer's Journal Booth as the TechWave 2006 Expo Hall Gets Ready for the delegates in... (more)